After the first day of the conference, on June 11 at 19:30 we would like to invite all conference guests to participate in the Beer Path. Winners of this type of marathon will win attractive rewards – Dron Luna Forever and two Air Sofas Lazy Bag perfect for the approaching hot summer.

However, in order to win the prizes, the players will have to demonstrate their orientation in the area of ​​Kraków’s urban jungle, creativity and a large capacity of theirs stomach;)

To participate in the competition, the participant must:

  • visit all thematic stops (Polish, American, Czech and Belgian), pick up and consume there their drink or meal, which they will receive in exchange for coupons placed in conference bags.
  • after eating, the participant will get a sticker of this point, which must be placed on the flyer of the Beer Path.
  • After collecting all the stickers on the sheet attached to the leaflet, the participant must creatively answer to the question.
  • The flyer along with answers should be submitted on the second day of the conference, June 12, at the Compendium CE stand
  • At the end of the conference, on June 12, three winners who gave the most creative answer will win the prizes.
  • NOTE: in order to win the prize, the participant must be present at the end of the conference – in the case of absence, the prize passes to the next person who gave the most creative response and collected all 4 stickers.


Check Points:

Przystanek polski

Przystanek belgijski

Przystanek amerykański

Przystanek czeski

Find the flyer and coupons of the Beer Path in your conference bag and stand against the best!


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