Adam Heczko

Security Engineer, Mirantis Inc

Mr. Heczko helps build OpenStack clouds as a Principal Security Architect at Mirantis. He is a systems engineer in the Mirantis Cloud Platform with a focus on improving information security in OpenStack deployments. He holds multiple (ISC) 2 certifications and has helped multiple Mirantis customers to secure their virtualized Linux environments.

Outside OpenStack, Mr. Heczko has contributed to several open-source projects including Kubernetes and is a member of Kubernetes Vulnerability Management Team. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife and children cycling and traveling.


Cybersecurity and threat hunting automation in an OpenStack private cloud

Security monitoring of heavily distributed network environment has always been challenging. OpenStack based network environments are not different. Monitoring, threat detection and analysis in the network underlay and overlay with heavily varying network patterns, all this adds complexity to threat detection and threat hunting. This talk focuses on an open source based solutions for effective security monitoring, examples of monitoring solutions architectures, providing proposals for DevOps and SecOps automation approaches.