Bartosz Żurkowski

Cloud and Big Data Engineer, Samsung

Computer science graduate at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. During the studies and after graduation, closely associated with the IT industry.

He has 4 years of professional experience. At first worked as software engineer designing microservice-based applications for advertising companies. Later responsible for administration of virtual resource infrastructure in AWS cloud and deploying architectural components related to monitoring and centralized logging.

More than a year ago started the journey with OpenStack at Samsung R&D, working on a cloud project as a member of the core team building the Database as a Service platform for 5G requirements. He actively participates in the development of OpenStack Trove by enhancing its features in the scope of automated database provisioning, cluster management and data recovery. Broad database experience allows him to elaborate advanced solutions oriented to provide high data capacity and availability.

At the same time, he is pursuing a PhD in computer science in the field of NFV and multi-site cloud computing. As part of this venture, he had the opportunity to gain knowledge about a wide range of native cloud technologies, as well as interact with exotic OpenStack initiatives such as: Tacker, Trio2o and Tricircle.


Database as a Service solutions with OpenStack Trove

Databases are crucial and ubiquities elements of most applications running in the cloud. However, database management in single- or multi-node deployment scenarios requires expertise and deep understanding of the underlying infrastructure. The main goal of Database as a Service (DBaaS) is to deliver a service responsible for on-demand provisioning and management of various database management systems including SQL and NoSQL databases. Provided functionality of the service includes: provisioning of single and multi-instance deployments, scaling (out, up and in), backing up and recovery, and failover support with HA. During the presentation a DBaaS solution based on Openstack Trove will be described in the context of MariaDB, Cassandra and Redis. Comparisons against other solutions such as AWS RDS will be also discussed.