Dr Kenneth Tan

Sardina Systems

Dr Kenneth Tan has been in the large scale systems sector for 18+ years.

At Sardina Systems, Kenneth leads a highly talented product development team, experienced in developing software targeting some of the largest supercomputers in the world, now building OpenStack automation software, to optimize OpenStack cloud operations.

He was previously with CloudFabriQ, BNP Paribas, OptimaNumerics, in product development and business development roles, involving products and services sold to major data center operators in automotive, energy, defence, meteo, finance. He has led teams in UK, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Germany.


The road to OpenStack at UK largest Academic private cloud system: University of Edinburgh

This presentation aims to talk about the UK’s largest academic private cloud in production: University of Edinburgh’s OpenStack system.

The biggest challenge we faced was to be able to provide the University’s researchers with a more flexible self-served computing services. The OpenStack-based private cloud solution proposed by Sardina Systems was operational within 8 weeks from commencement of design process.

In the presentation we plan to cover the following for our audience:
– the predefined constrains that came from the university’s side
– the solution we have proposed to the university, compasing all 3 phases of OpenStack: deploy, operate and upgrade
– the benefits of getting an OpenStack-based private cloud system in the academic sector

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