Rafał Czubak

CI/CD and Release Engineer, Samsung R&D Institute Poland

Rafał is a CI/CD and Release Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute Poland. He has been working with OpenStack for more than 2 years, starting from Kilo release, through Mitaka release and lately Ocata release. He works on commercial product for telecommunications industry and on CI/CD environment required to ship this product.

After work, he enjoys spending his time with family and occasionally dancing Argentine tango.


Custom OpenStack CI/CD – A commercialization story

Making OpenStack a commercial product is a big challenge. Each source code modification should be thoroughly tested and verified. OpenStack with such modifications should be continuously deployed in order to assure that the product is operational and fulfills all requirements. The challenge is even bigger when you have to maintain several EOL releases. This would not be possible without a reliable CI/CD system. In this presentation, the approach to building such CI/CD system will be presented. The talk will cover approach to commit verification, OpenStack packages building, creating release packages and testing them using tempest project on an automatically deployed commercial-grade OpenStack infrastructure. Full flow from single commit to final release will be discussed together with issues and challenges that the CI/CD developers face during their daily work.