Artur Korzeniewski

Software Engineer, Intel

Artur Korzeniewski is a software engineer at Intel, currently working in Neutron community on subjects related to upgradability and HA of services. He is Neutron Upgrades team member, dedicated to improve the process of upgrade. Before joining the Neutron team, he was closely coupled with OpenStack since Diablo release, working on resource scheduling and compute assurance. Artur likes new challenges, path-finding and designing solutions from scratch. He is the Python language and networking fan.


Upgrading OpenStack

New OpenStack version is released every 6 months and each release is supported for just 1 year. That’s why keeping your OpenStack installation up to date is essential to avoid fatal bugs, security issues and take advantage of new features. The upgrade process should not spoil user experience or service availability. In order to meet those requirements, OpenStack needs to be upgraded in a rolling manner, meaning that services should be upgraded one by one, always having at least one API endpoint active and functional. In this presentation we will show how to do it.

You will learn about software designs that make rolling upgrades possible – giving you full scope of what OpenStack community was working on during last releases. This knowledge will help you understand live OpenStack upgrade procedures that will be presented as a conclusion to the presentation.