Gregory Charot

Senior Field Product Manager, Red Hat

Gregory Charot currently serves as a OpenStack Senior Field Product Manager for Red Hat. OpenSource passionate, he worked as a production engineer and system architect for about 8 years before joining Red Hat and dedicate its time to OpenStack; first as an Architect then as part of the OpenStack Product Team. As Field Product Manager, he represents the BU on the field and various public events, his main missions are to enable, help, advice and update Red Hat internal team as well as our customers all over Europe.


Deploying OpenStack with TripleO: An in-depth look

In this session you’ll hear about how TripleO can be used to deploy a scalable and reliable OpenStack cloud; you’ll get to know the TripleO principles (how it uses OpenStack to deploy OpenStack), how it can be used to deploy a customised environment, and how it can be replied upon for ongoing lifecycle management, such as scaling, updates, and major version upgrades. We’ll explore some of the concepts via a live demo, although given the time constraints we won’t be deploying an environment end to end. Rhys has spent almost 8 years at Red Hat, and works as a Senior Principal Product Manager in Red Hat’s OpenStack and Virtualisation business unit, focussing on making sure that our most strategic customers have everything they need to be successful with Red Hat’s open source technologies.