Omer Anson

Software Developer, Huawei

Omer is currently a software developer for Huawei and the PTL for Dragonflow in OpenStack. He has 9 years of professional programming experience with over 6 years expertise in Linux systems and networking. Omer has a B.Sc in physics and is working towards his M.Sc. in Computer Science.


Dragonflow - Doing Cloud Networking to Scale

A cloud can consist of thousands of nodes. Each node can contain up to tens of hosts. Each host needs networking. That’s a lot of networking. In Dragonflow, we provide this networking. Dragonflow is a distributed SDN controller, implementing Neutron’s API, and built to scale. In order to do that, we built Dragonflow to be distributed in everything. Then we tested how well it scales.

As it turns out, it scales well. In this talk, we will show how well Dragonflow scales. How we tested this. And how Dragonflow was built to
reach these results.