Piotr Prokop

Cloud Solution Engineer, Intel

Piotr Prokop is Cloud Solution Engineer at Intel. Currently working on Stackanetes, project which aims to deliver OpenStack working on top of Kubernetes. For about a year he was working with container based orchestration systems. Piotr has an engineering degree in the specialization of sound and vision processing from Gdansk University of Technology in Poland. In his free time he loves to read books and listen to music from 70’s.


Kubification as a solution to robust, flexible and modern deployment of OpenStack for your datacenter

When we started working on OpenStack on Kubernetes demo for Austin Summit, we had a simple goal – “show the community it is possible”. So we began with the kolla-mesos project (who even remembers that now?) and somehow brought it to the Kubernetes world. Right now, there are several community projects around the deployment of OpenStack on Kubernetes: Stackanetes, Fuel-CCP, openstack-helm, kolla-kubernetes and more. As we were involved in all of them we would like to show that all of those projects are more similar than different. During this presentation we will show how the “kubification” of complex solutions like OpenStack is defined by the development pace of Kubernetes rather than the application itself.