Who are we?
Samsung R&D Institute Poland is part of the R&D center network of Samsung Electronics and our goal is to constantly improve the technology in the products we make. We are one of the largest and fastest growing R&D centers in the region, and we have a diverse team of experts working in the areas of human language technology, computer vision, big data, Internet of Things, and many more. Together, we design and implement innovative solutions for future Samsung products.

Why is it worth becoming a part of Samsung R & D Institute Poland?
We have reached the leader position because we have a vision that is firmly grounded in our core strengths, values and goals. We want to inspire the world and create the future, based on our creativity, innovation and technology. In other words, we want to help people to get new experiences and discover new possibilities every day. Samsung achieves these goals due to the unique strengths that underpin our excellence: innovation and focus on our consumers.