Michał Gutowski

Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle Open Cloud Infrastructure

Michal is part of Oracle Open Cloud Infrastructure team responsible for providing technical support for Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, VirtualBox and Oracle OpenStack products.

He has over 10 years of experience in designing and deploying various services based on applications that originated from OpenSource projects.

Before joining Oracle, Michal has worked in large company environments – such as Huawei, Citrix – and Silicon Valley startups – such as ByteMobile, where he completed a range of technical and managerial roles.


Rapid and Easy Deployment of Oracle DB12c and RAC in OpenStack

During the session attendees will find out why more and more companies are adopting OpenStack platform. The session will contain an overview of Oracle OpenStack solution and show how OpenStack Murano simplifies and speeds up the deployment of Oracle DB12c and RAC.

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