Dawid Deja

NFV Infrastructure Engineer, Ciklum/Telco Systems

Dawid Deja has over 4 years of experience with OpenStack. For the first 4 years of his career he was working at Intel where he was developing high availability of instances feature for about 2 years. Moreover, he was involved in projects regarding noisy neighbor detection and clouds benchmarking. This year he joined Ciklum/Telco Systems as NFV Infrastructure Engineer to help build NFV solution based on OpenStack.

Dawid has an engineering degree in IT from Gdańsk University of Technology in Poland. In his free time, he likes to drink and talk about beer, as well as to brew his own.


Open vSwitch explained

Open vSwitch is a software that supports network connectivity to your instances. You simply install it, define few bridges and it works. But how does it provide such functionalities? Can we configure it to be faster?

During this presentation I will answer those questions. I will show how Open vSwitch performs in two different modes. The first one is using kernel and the second one is using DPDK for packets processing. We will talk about advantages and drawback for each of the modes. Moreover, I will present how to configure Neutron to utilize DPDK support in Open vSwitch.