Łukasz Deptuła

Cloud Software Engineer, Samsung R&D Institute Poland

During years 2011-2014 Łukasz Deptuła was studying Computer Science on Gdańsk University of Technology focusing on algorythmic, networking and software development aspects.
First professional experience he got during internship at Intel in years 2013-2014 where he dived into OpenStack. Together with team they created tool for extended instances monitoring and advanced scheduling mechanisms basing on those metrics.
In 2015 Łukasz was working in RackScale Design project as Python developer further improving software development and architectural skills. He was working on certification tools development as Python developer and technical leader.

In 2016 Łukasz joined Cloud Native Solutions team in Samsung and started contribution to Samsung Cloud platform as OpenStack, SDN and Python expert.

Currently he is leading team responsible for loadbalacing solutions creation for telco with focus on client side implementation and support.


Load Balancing solutions in OpenStack

Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) implies supplying API to setup and manage LB service on demand which is service that distributes network/application traffic across a number of servers (application back ends). It is used for load sharing where each application back end node handles a small part of incoming requests, and HA malfunction application back end nodes are removed from the pool automatically. During presentation LBaaS solutions provided by OpenStack such as Neutron-LB, Octavia will be compared regarding functionality architecture and performance aspects. Custom solutions implemented with specific NFV requirements in mind will be also presented.