Marcin Kubacki

Chief Software Architect, Storware

Marcin, sometimes called Mr.V., as a an inventor of Software vProtect code, joined the company in 2015. He has been working for IBM and Citibank where he gained experience in virtualization, and middleware technologies, and obtained several certifications. In 2016 Marcin earned a Ph.D. at his Warsaw University of Technology. He spends his free time taking photos and playing guitar.



Storware vProtect – best in class VM backup for Open Virtualization Platforms


The presentation will cover all topics how vProtect integrates the world of open and commercial hypervisors as well as various storage targets and backup providers. Most important parts of presentation are: – key features – architecture – sample of oVirt/RHV backup strategies – backup consistency with pre/post-snapshot actions – live demo

About product:

Storware vProtect is an enterprise backup solution for virtual environments. It enables agent-less backup of VMs running on open platforms such as Citrix XenServer , libvirt-based (stand-alone KVM/Xen), RHV/oVirt, KVM, KVM for IBMz, Proxmox, Nutanix AVH and Oracle VM. Using snapshot-based backup strategy, one can quickly backup not only data but also the configuration of the running virtual machines. Storware vProtect also provides easy to use CLI and web UI management interfaces. With multi-node architecture, it is easy to scale and protect several sites, while still using just a single console. vProtect also supports quiesced snapshots and enables file-level restore with mountable backups for selected platforms. Backups can be stored flexibly – starting from a simple file system (local or remote), S3 or Swift object storage or one of the enterprise-grade backup solutions such as IBM Spectrum Protect, Dell-EMC NetWorker or Veritas NetBackup. Depending on backup destination and setup, features such as tape backup, deduplication or replication also can be used. One can also easily exclude drives from backup and for Citrix or Nutanix platforms vProtect supports incremental backups (and CBT). The solution extends capabilities of all above backup providers by delivering comprehensive and scalable protection for all supported hypervisor environments.