Michał Dulko

Software engineer, Red Hat

Michał is software engineer working at Red Hat and engaged in OpenStack-related activities since Folsom release. Through Newton, Ocata and Pike cycles he was serving the OpenStack community as a core reviewer in Cinder, where he focused on control plane availability, scalability and upgradability. Now he’s cracking similar problems in Kuryr project where he’s again a core reviewer.

His professional interests are: HA solutions, cluster management and building reliable distributed systems.


Kuryr-Kubernetes – Neutron networking for K8s

Kuryr-Kubernetes is an OpenStack ecosystem project that delivers OpenStack Neutron networking to Kubernetes pods and services. During this presentation we’ll talk about Kubernetes networking layer, its limitations and use cases where utilizing Kuryr for networking is beneficial. After the basics we’ll take a look under the Kuryr hood and learn how does it work to provide network to the pods. We’ll also discuss limitations that Kuryr still has, their causes and ideas to solve them in the upstream community.